Cold Tapas

Setas Salvajes
Sauteed wild mushrooms, Manchego cheese and pine nuts on a romaine heart with balsamic white wine vinaigrette $7.50

Tomate y Queso
Vine ripened tomatoes and mozzarella cheese with balsamic vinaigrette $7.50

Quesos Españoles
Assortment of Spanish cheeses and apples $7.95

Aceitunas Aliñadas
Marinated Spanish olives $5.50

Berenjena con Queso
Chilled grilled eggplant & goat cheese $6.95

Patatas con Alioi
Robust garlic potato salad ~ $4.50

Alcachofas con Crema
Marinated artichokes with creamy tomato vinaigrette $6.25

Tortilla Española
Spanish omelet of potato & onion $5.95

Hot Tapas

Pimientos del Piquillo
Imported Piquillo peppers stuffed with a blend of Spanish cheeses and spinach served with tomato sauce $7.95

Stuffed mushroom caps $8.25

Pasta con Hortalizas
Vegetarian pasta with tomato goat cheese sauce $7.95

Salteado de Hortalizas
Sauteed artichoke hearts, bell peppers, asparagus and squash with a white wine garlic tomato sauce $7.95

Queso de Cabra
Oven baked goat cheese with garlic bread $8.25

Crepe Rellena
Crepe of goat cheese, spinach, pine nuts and apples $6.95

Patatas Bravas
Spicy potatoes topped with Manchego cheese $4.95


Seasonal vegetables $9.95


Side salad of mixed greens, tomato and balsamic vinaigrette $4.95

Ensalada Gabriela
Crisp arugula and watercress salad with apple, pecans, a hard-boiled egg, raisins, and tomato, drizzled with a moscatel and sundried tomato olive oil vinaigrette $5.50

Salad of mixed greens topped with Cabrales bleu cheese and honeyed walnuts with sherry vinaigrette $5.50

Ensalada Temporada
Curly endive lettuce tossed with roasted pepper garlic vinaigrette and topped with toasted hazelnuts, pear, cucumbers, tomato and baby spinach $5.25

Crisp arugula salad with apple, pecans, a hard boiled egg, raisins and tomato drizzled with a moscatel and sun dried tomato olive oil vinaigrette $5.50