What is tapas?

Tapas Valencia is a Spanish tapas restaurant. Tapas are as a wide variety of small plates, finger foods, and appetizers. Tapas are not a particular type of food, but rather a style of dining. The entire meal consists of these smaller dishes that are shared around the table, encouraging guests to order many of the different dishes. Whether you’re looking for a snack at the bar; or a feast fit for a king, Tapas Valencia provides an exquisite experience for everyone.

What is paella?

Paella is an internationally-known rice dish from Spain. Paella is made using a variety of ingredients. Saffron is an essential part of the dish; and gives a wonderful golden hue to the rice.

At Tapas Valencia, we offer three different types of paella: Vegetarian, Mariscos, and Valenciana. Our paella is freshly baked with saffron rice and your selection of filling. Add lobster tail to any paella for a delicious twist.

Our Signature Sangria

Our signature sangria is made of wine and liquors. Garnished with citrus and apple. Red and white sangria compliment a variety of tapas. For a unique twist, try our flavored sangria, in a strawberry, peach, prickly pear, or mango version.